Our Story

We specialize in freshly roasted coffee that gets the tender love and care that is sometimes overlooked by big factory coffee roasters. With our humble beginnings using a popcorn machine as our roaster, we make sure our beans never lose their character.


We make sure to work with farms that care about the coffee-making process as much as we do. Our beans are single-origin, ranging from various continents.


We’re a small home roaster, so care and food safety in processing our coffee is a high priority.

Handcrafted Small Batches

Roasting in small batches ensure that our coffee arrives fresher and with a  more consistent taste.

Handcrafted Small Batches

Why Buy Small-Batch?

Buying in small batches guarantees a fresher and more consistent taste to your coffee. You not only get to experience the joy of drinking coffee that isn’t from a warehouse floor but also the satisfaction that the bag of coffee was made for an exclusive number of people. 

Limited-Run Coffee

We choose to roast a selection of coffee beans one-time, month-to-month. That means once we’ve sold out of our recent offering of coffee, you won’t see that particular bean again in our shop. Doing so makes us more accountable when we’re canvassing for the best beans to deliver to you.



Our farmers hand-pick the cherries then they are spread out and left in the sun to dry.


Roasting entails heating up the coffee beans in an oven to get the best flavor out of the coffee.


The change of color you see in your coffee is caused by the Maillard Reaction (MRx) which is commonly known as ‘browning’.



We use a wide variety of farms for our processing. You can expect to receive coffee that is ethically sourced from countries that include:

Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, Costa Rica, El Salvador and many more.

Direct Trade

Small But Mighty works in favor of direct trade, a direct partnership network with producers, factories, and coops, with our sourcing partners. In this case, we know what the farm was paid at the gate, that is, without any of the confusing export and import fees, and often by 50%, 100%, or more than Fair Trade rates.

Shop our Selections

Explore our wide variety of hand-crafted coffees. We are roasting coffee of different origins each month so you can be sure to find the right one for you.